Confirmation: The Missionary Sacrament!

Confirmation is one of the three Sacraments of Initiation, completing our Baptism and bringing us ever closer to God through unity with the Body of Christ. It is a sacrament that can only be received once, placing an indelible mark on your soul and forever claiming you as one of Christ’s witnesses. Though often misunderstood as the sacrament of Christian adulthood, Confirmation is not a graduation from religious education, something that we “earn,” or a certificate that lays claim to a mature faith. As Christians, we are constantly learning about and deepening our faith. No one can earn grace, which is a gift given to us by God simply because of His great love for us, not because of what we have done or not done. And we have already personally accepted Jesus into our lives, most especially in the Eucharist. Confirmation, therefore, is about freely receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit into our lives so that we can fully accept the Great Commission that Jesus gave to the apostles, proclaiming the Good News throughout the world and sharing in God’s life and love. The Church witnesses to our readiness to become anointed missionaries for Christ, and the Church bestows on us her mission of bringing the light of Christ to all the nations.

The year of Confirmation prep is an exciting one - you deepen your relationship with God in a very intentional way, and you're brought fully into the Church. Any time you receive the grace of God and are brought more fully into life with Him is a time to celebrate. The schedule can be demanding at times, but it is worth it!



Letters are sent in June to registered parishioners who have a 10th grader or older who may be eligible to prepare for Confirmation in the spring of the following year. This information includes an introductory letter, a schedule of sessions, a registration form, and a Religious Ed. 


Candidates are expected to participate in the confirmation process and religious education classes with the exception of Catholic School students. Catholic School students only need to participate in confirmation process since they receive regular formation sessions at school.

Diocesan and Parish Expectations: Scheduled preparation classes, 1 orientation, 1 retreat, 1 interview, 1 letter of discernment, and participation in religious education classes. Exemption from religious education classes are students in Catholic School.


Diocesan Policies

St. Edward Church follows the diocesan policy for the reception of the Sacraments of Initiation for Confirmation.

  • The preparation process should be similar to that for a baptized adult who seeks the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • The number of preparation sessions for the Sacrament of Confirmation will be limited to approximately 12-15 hours with specific goals and objectives prescribed for each session.
  • Confirmation preparation must be separate and distinct from formal religious education and catechesis for the high school youth. This will ensure that appropriate attention is paid to both Confirmation preparation and catechesis. It is important to emphasis that catechesis is a lifelong endeavor to learn about our Catholic Christian faith.
  • Preparation and reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation and reception of the Sacrament may occur as early as the 10th grade year.

Before a youth can celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation, the candidate needs to participate fully in the process by attending the Confirmation preparation sessions (offered in a couple of schedule formats, varies each year) and participate in one retreat.

A candidate also needs to be registered for Religious Education classes throughout the High School years including the year of confirmation preparation unless a candidate is attending Catholic School. Classes are offered on Sunday evenings during Life Teen from 6:30-8:00pm or during Summer Loreto.

Parents, Sponsors & Ministers in Partnership

The Church teaches that the primary role in the religious education of children is the one that parents/guardians carry out simply by being Christian parents. Our process recognizes this truth and supports parents as partners in this ministry. We want this partnership of parents/guardians, sponsors and the parish community working together for the good of our youth as they prepare to encounter Christ and the Holy Spirit in our sacramental way of life. Catechists will work alongside parents/guardians and sponsors in preparing the candidates for the sacrament. Members of the parish will conduct special celebrations to introduce the youth to the experience of the sacrament. Working together, we hope to offer the very best preparation for Confirmation. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with your family this year.


Families are asked to complete the registration form which will be mailed in June. You can also obtain one from the parish office. You may return it along with a payment of $95 for materials and retreat or request a scholarship at the beginning of the process. All information is confidential. You may return the form to us through the mail, fax, email or stop by the office. You may even drop it in the collection basket. Be sure to mark an envelope with Office of Christian Formation-Confirmation. If your child was not baptized at St. Edward Church, please be sure to supply us with a copy of the child’s Baptismal Certificate. The church must have a copy of the Baptismal certificate in order for the candidate to be confirmed. Even if your child celebrated First Eucharist at St. Edward, please supply a new copy.


  • Contact info: Joan Nelson 864-4708 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Return your completed form along with a copy of your Baptismal certificate and payment to St. Edward the Confessor Church, 2700 Dolfield Drive, N. Chesterfield, VA 23235.
  • Attend Confirmation Preparation sessions (see schedule). Make up work for a missed class is due by the next class.
  • Identify a sponsor as soon as possible so he/she can be a part of your preparation. Inform the office of your sponsor's name.
  • Attend one Confirmation Retreat.
  • Make sure office has all information: Sponsor’s name, Confirmation Saint’s name (if choosing one), number of seats reserved for family and guests at Confirmation Liturgy, etc.




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