STARS Christmas Outreach

As in past years, we are continuing to do our Stars Christmas Outreach Program, but due to the pandemic, things are a little different this year. Sadly, we can't have any tables after masses to chat and so you can choose a child’s name, so it's all on-line. Stars gives us the opportunity to help in two ways: to purchase $25 Christmas gift cards for a family in need, and also to purchase new items for people experiencing homelessness. This program will run from now until December 7.

    • Gift cards: For some families, they have neither the means nor the pleasure of actually shopping for their children. We work with parishioners who are social workers to identify children most in need of help. This program helps children in Richmond Public Schools (especially Westover Hills Elementary), Chesterfield County Public Schools, and through Bainbridge Community Ministry. Your donation will allow parents the joy of gift giving! Also, you will have the satisfaction of knowing the children you sponsor will receive an appropriate gift or clothing in the right size, color, style, etc.
    • New Items for People Experiencing Homelessness: We are working with Care to Share RVA (a non-profit started by a parishioner) to provide new clothing items as Christmas gifts to the population they serve. Please bring the following items to the parish center, labeled “STARS” before December 7: Socks, scarves, hats, gloves, sweatshirts, flannel shirts, blankets, rain ponchos. Also travel toiletries and individually wrapped snacks.



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