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Taking advantage of education opportunities in the parish is important both for children and adults.  Learning and growing in our faith is a continual process that starts at a young age and continues throughout our lifetime.  Whether you or your child want to learn more about what it means to be Catholic, or if you are a seasoned parishioner wanting a deeper understanding of Christ, education programs within the parish can help.


Catechetical Sunday - Teachers of the New Evangelization

Children & Youth

Catechists are needed for all grades for School Year Religious Ed. programs.  Subs are needed in all grades should a catechist be absent.  To volunteer, please email CLOAKING or call her at 864-4714.

Even at an early age, children are learning about their faith and the important of Christ in their lives.  Whether they are attending the Children's Liturgy of the Word at Sunday mass, Catholic School, or any of our Religious Education Programs, an early childhood education is an important tool in building the foundation for a life-long faith.

Sacrament Preparation

  • First Eucharist sacrament preparation for children age 7 or older
  • Confirmation preparation for youth in grades 10 and higher.
  • Are you interested in raising your child in the Catholic Church but haven't had them baptized yet or they've been baptized in a non-Catholic Christian faith?  RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children) for children of catechetical age (7 or older), never baptized who wish to explore full participation in the sacraments.  If they've been baptized in another Christian faith, they can be received into the Church through the Rite of Full Communion.

Volunteer Opportunities for Adults and Youth

Opportunities abound in both the school year and summer religious education programs.  Catechists, aides and subs are always needed in the classroom.  Also needed are runners or office helpers during the school year.  In the summer, Loreto and VBS employ an army of volunteers in addition to those in the classroom.  Needed are nursery workers, snack ladies, recreation leaders, teens and youth to help plan and execute opening prayer, photographer, the list is endless!  As always, children of volunteers get to attend the program for free.  CLOAKING for more information on ways you can help.

Some helpful resources for catechists:

All volunteers who work with children are required to undergo a background screening and attend one Child Protection class.


Do something good for your soul!  Visit a study group or become a regular.